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Koala._Are_you_a_Friend_of_FoE-.pngThe long awaited final report from the House of Representatives Inquiry into environmental organisations has now been released. Many in the community had anticipated that the report would recommend changes that would severely limit the activities of environmental groups. Sadly, this is the case.

“This is an attempt to carry out social engineering on environment groups in a way which would make them more palatable to mining companies and the far Right in the Coalition” said Cam Walker for Friends of the Earth Australia.

Donate to FoE to help us keep in this fight, whilst continuing our campaigns for social and environmental justice.

We would rather be focusing on supporting local community fights and our campaigns:

  • to stop fracking in Victoria;
  • to grow Renewable energy nation wide;
  • to stand with traditional owners against nuclear waste dumps on sacred land;
  • to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership;
  • to protect Koala habitat in the Strzelecki Forest; and
  • to stop logging in Red Gum National Parks in southern NSW.

Your donation will help us to keep these campaigns going whilst staving off this threat.

$140.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00
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