Energy Justice Victoria

Who are we?

Energy Justice is a collective of Friends of the Earth (FoE) Melbourne that is campaigning against new and existing coal and gas projects in Victoria, and pushing for a socially just transition to clean, fair and affordable energy for all.

We used to be called the Quit Coal collective; you can see our previous work here and read about our name change here.

We are a volunteer led, anti-hierarchical, consensus-based collective who are dedicated to working with communities across the state.  We continue to build strong relationships with regional groups who hold an integral voice on the changes needed to our energy system.

What would the world look like with energy justice?

An energy sector finally free from new fossil fuel and nuclear projects, one powered by a diversified grid of renewable energy that is accessible and affordable to all

Coal and gas affected communities supported through a fair and just transition with good, secure jobs and opportunities

Community ownership and control of energy projects and retailers, putting the power back in people's hands and away from corporate profiteering

Latest News

On Saturday the 12th of October, members of Energy Justice Victoria (EJV) launched the Fossil Frontlines Community Tour with its first stop: a visit to Seaspray hosted by Gasfield Free Seaspray. Seaspray is a small Victorian coastal town on the southern end of beautiful Ninety Mile Beach, around 32 kilometres south of Sale. A member of the Lock the Gate Alliance, Gasfield Free Seaspray was integral to the statewide campaign from 2011 to 2017 that gained the historic fracking ban from the VIC Labor government. The Seaspray community, with so many others across the state, fought hard to see unconventional... Read more

Victorians know that we are facing a time of climate and ecological crisis.  Winter has only just finished and we are already getting warnings of a horror bushfire season, with farming communities in the grip of severe drought. But whilst Premier Andrews has taken commendable action on climate in the past, there is a huge hole in his government’s climate action.  Read more

The announcement from ExxonMobil that it is planning to sell all its assets is enormous news for Gippsland. The offshore oil and gas industry has been a creator of jobs and economic activity for decades and the sale will send shock waves through the region. However, it is hard to imagine any company wanting to buy oil and gas fields that are clearly in steep decline. Read more

The well-known and much-loved Quit Coal Victoria collective from Friends of the Earth Melbourne has decided to rename itself as the Energy Justice Victoria collective. We love our supporters and know many people are passionate about Quit Coal Victoria’s work, and so we wanted to explain to everyone why we are renaming ourselves and why we are so excited about it! Read more

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