Energy Justice Victoria

Who are we?

Energy Justice is a collective of Friends of the Earth (FoE) Melbourne that is campaigning against new and existing coal and gas projects in Victoria, and pushing for a socially just transition to clean, fair and affordable energy for all.

We used to be called the Quit Coal collective; you can see our previous work here and read about our name change here.

We are a volunteer led, anti-hierarchical, consensus-based collective who are dedicated to working with communities across the state.  We continue to build strong relationships with regional groups who hold an integral voice on the changes needed to our energy system.

What would the world look like with energy justice?

An energy sector finally free from new fossil fuel and nuclear projects, one powered by a diversified grid of renewable energy that is accessible and affordable to all

Coal and gas affected communities supported through a fair and just transition with good, secure jobs and opportunities

Community ownership and control of energy projects and retailers, putting the power back in people's hands and away from corporate profiteering

Latest News

Hydrogen is currently considered the next ‘big thing’ in green energy and storage. However, while hydrogen can be made simply using water and renewable energy, it can also be made using fossil fuels. There are currently attempts by fossil fuel proponents, including the Federal government, to co-opt this green energy opportunity to provide a lifeline for ailing coal and gas.  However, right now there is a chance to take action. Read more

In Part 1 of our hydrogen blog series Energy Justice Victoria offered an explainer of the upcoming 'hydrogen economy'. We demystified hydrogen, why it presents a unique alternative to fossil fuels when done right, and why everybody seems to be talking about it. If you missed out on reading the explainer, you can catch up here. Today, we tackle the next issue on our list: What is the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (the HESC) and how does it relate to the fossil fuel industry in Victoria? Read more

As the viability of traditional fossil fuels are being increasingly questioned in a warming world, state, federal and territory ministers are meeting on Friday the 22nd of November to discuss the future of energy policy in Australia, and alternative projects such as the billionaire-funded Sun Cable solar project are rapidly gaining traction. Amidst news proliferating on climate change, economics and renewable energy, the terms ‘hydrogen energy’ or ‘hydrogen economy’ are bandied about every which way, so you’d be forgiven for wondering: what is the hydrogen economy and why is it that everybody - including big fossil fuel companies - suddenly... Read more

On Sunday the 3rd of November, members of Energy Justice Victoria (EJV) made the fourth and final stop of their Fossil Frontlines Community Tour, hosted in Traralgon by local Latrobe Valley youth group A New Power.Traralgon is one of three population centres in the Gippsland region’s Latrobe Valley, lying between the Strzelecki and Baw Baw Ranges. The Valley is a major producer of Victoria’s energy. While the industry has traditionally relied on brown coal, initiatives like the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub and Friends of the Earth affiliate Earthworker are spearheading alternative small-scale renewable energy projects. Read more

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