TAKE ACTION to end the scare campaign on energy



We're all feeling the impact of rising energy costs and seeing the impacts of climate change. It's exactly why we've championed the Victorian Renewable Energy Target over the past three years, to bring on new supply of wind and solar farms to rein in emissions and put a brake on rising power prices.

The divided Turnbull government has been unable to deal with the hard right wing of the party and has failed to deliver affordable, renewable energy. That's why it's so important that states like Victoria take the lead on wind and solar.

Despite the need to rollout renewables and tackle climate change, Matthew Guy and the Victorian opposition have been running a blatant scare campaign on energy prices, making statements that seem crafted to frighten the community about energy supply and renewables.

Opposition MPs such as Louise Staley and Peter Crisp have made ridiculous claims like blaming Premier Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Renewable Energy Target for closing the Hazelwood power station when it was the decision of French owners Engie that led to the plant's closure.

Scaring the community about energy prices does no-one any favours. What's more, their current pledge to axe the Victorian Renewable Energy Target would only lead to steeper price rises and lost job opportunities.

It's time to end the blame game, but we need your help. Can you email Matthew Guy and David Southwick today? 

We need your help to show the community has had enough of misinformation on energy, and wants more renewables.

We've requested a meeting with the Opposition to discuss the best ways to get a grip on energy prices and act on climate change, you can help our case by emailing them today.

We want to see an opposition that engages with the facts on energy and climate change, and understands the huge opportunities for jobs and investment in renewables.