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Tell your local MP that we want better buses!

Public transport is for everyone.

Melbourne’s Western suburbs are some of the fastest growing areas in the country.

Fast, frequent and connected public transport is one of the most crucial services that the government can provide to ensure equitable access to jobs, education, healthcare and other essential services. Better Buses will help to reduce car traffic, increase air quality and improve community livelihoods. 

The Western Suburbs of Melbourne have traditionally been left behind when it comes to public transport, and the rapid population growth in recent years has further exaggerated gaps in Public Transport access. Communities across the West are left dependent on their cars and out of pocket too! With the cost of living on the rise, families across the West are bearing the brunt without adequate access to affordable transport. 

Better Buses are an easy and cheap way for the government to ensure that communities stay connected.

Small, incremental changes will not do.. We need BIG, BOLD change to get people out of their cars and onto Public Transport!

Send a letter to your local MP and let them know that we want better buses!