Email Minister D'Ambrosio

Back in May when Minister D'Ambrosio was notified of a sighting of a rare Spotted-Tailed Quoll in Mt Baw Baw, she committed to ensuring that 'ongoing measures for protection' would be put in place to protect the Quoll from logging. 

Despite stopping logging that was occurring near where the Quoll was found, the so called ‘protection zone’ made by the department has excluded all areas nearby that are planned for logging. This mean logging that was stopped by the Minister will start again shortly and continue to destroy habitat for the rare Quoll.

Please write the Minister an email in your own words to let her know that this isn't good enough.

Loss of habitat from logging and land clearing is a major threat to Spotted-Tailed Quolls in Victoria.

Let the Minister know that in order to genuinely protect the Quoll's habitat, a new protection zone that excludes logging must be created.

We're extremely disappointed that the Minister hasn't followed through on her commitment to make sure logging doesn't occur in the quoll's habitat. Logging is driving extinction, and we desperately need our elected representatives to intervene.

Send your email here.