Email Minister D'Ambrosio

Minister D'Ambrosio is to be congratulated for stepping in and stopping logging on Mount Baw Baw, near where an endangered Spot-tailed Quoll has been recorded.

This is a strong first step to securing meaningful protection for the forests of Mount Baw Baw and the habitat of this rare and elusive predator.

Please write the Minister an email in your own words thanking her for taking action and encouraging her to do more.

Loss of habitat from logging and land clearing is a major threat to Spot-tailed Quolls in Victoria.

Currently the environment department are working on designing a protection zone.

Please ask the Minister to ensure the protections for the Quoll stop planned logging in the area.

It's great to see the Minister taking strong steps towards protection. We need to encourage her to get the protections right and ensure the magnificent forests of Mount Baw Baw are kept safe from logging.

Send your email here.