6 Months to Make a Difference

Our state is undergoing profound change as the population grows, entire industries go to the wall, and climate change starts to really impact on our landscapes, economy and lifestyles. Yet Melbourne continues to sprawl, as low-density development covers valuable farmland and remnant vegetation, supported by transport infrastructure that will perpetuate our current reliance on cars.

In November 2018, Victorians will head to the polls. It is an opportunity for political parties to present detailed plans for responding to these challenges.

Join us as we launch our vision for Victoria: A state that works for community, climate, environment and economy.

Speakers to be announced.

May 24, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Fitzroy Town Hall - Reading Room
Phil Evans · · 03 9419 8700
Raquel Lorenz Monique Matthews Anisa Rogers Eva Cunningham Sam Nee Cassie Godfrey Declan Leevers Matthew Landolfo Susan Henderson l wilson Marelle Davey Jeff Allen Sylvia Creek Jasmine Sallis Kate Gracey Balrama Krishnan Lily Molendijk Dean Rizzetti Steven Harris natalie wells Martin Wong Alice Hardinge Mark O' Kane Emma Kerin Sue Bolton Rhi Stevens Teishan Ahern Tanya McConvell Lenka Sraj Pia Dunn Zoe Mithen Jenni Goricanec Jodi Evans Anine Cummins Jacqueline Van Vugt Harriet Mantell Samantha Leonard Audrey Cooke Genevieve Fitzgerald Yolande Kerridge stephanie seeger Ruby Lovelock janine wilder Henry Gaughan John Langer Gerry McLoughlin Julie Hart Margarita Windisch

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