Resources for East Gippsland Locals

Feeding wildlife in fire impacted areas

It is not recommended that you walk into burnt areas of forest to put out food for wildlife as this is dangerous, however, there are ways you can work with local landholders to feed wildlife in burnt areas and put out extra food in refuges where wildlife are gathering.

Email [email protected] and write FEEDING in the subject line to join the local network of people feeding wildlife in East Gippsland.

Download > a guide for temporary support feeding of wildlife during a drought or after bushfire to find out what is best to feed wildlife.

If you already have experience supporting wildlife through bushfire and drought, have your own feeding plan and just need food, contact your closest Food for Wildlife Hub to pick some up and check the Wildlife Feed Spots map to see where wildlife is already being fed.

Food for wildlife hubs:

Clifton Creek - Sarah / 0474 735 678 (limited phone reception)
Granite Rock - Contact Foe on [email protected] to be sent the contact number
Sarsfield - Amanda 0402 500 710 (Michele 0488 011 200 returns in March)
Mossiface - Kate 0423 088 585 (happy to also deliver food to your place and provide advice for getting started feeding)
Bruthen - Mick 0467 702 132 (also get in touch if you'd like to feed off-property around Bruthen)
Buchan - Karen 0429 179 546
W Tree - Elfi 0457027458 or on
Sardine Creek and surrounds - Wayne 0497 525 316
Goongerah and surrounds - Rena [email protected]



Delivering supplies to food for wildlife hubs

Food for wildlife hubs are places in East Gippsland where locals can pick up free food to feed wildlife on their land. There are currently food for wildlife hubs in Granite Rock, Clifton Creek, Sarsfield, Mossiface, Bruthen, Buchan, W Tree, Sardine Creek and Goongerah.

Do you live in East Gippsland and would like to support a feeding hub? This involves:

  • Calling the hub once a week to ask what supplies they need delivered
  • Picking up the supplies at the Gippsland Grain Store in Bairnsdale
  • Delivering the supplies to the hub
  • Calling the FoE Mutual Aid coordinator to let them know if the hub needs anything from Melbourne

If you would like to support a hub, let us know! Contact [email protected] and write LOCAL SUPPORT in the subject line.


Delivering food to wildlife feeding properties

While landholders are able to pick up food for wildlife from their local hub, some landholders need food delivered to their place.

Do you live in East Gippsland and would like to deliver food for wildlife to landholders' properties? This involves:

  • Being placed on a list of drivers who are able to deliver food for wildlife to properties
  • Letting us know your availability
  • Being called when needed to pick up supplies from the Bairnsdale Grain Store and delivering the supplies to properties in East Gippsland.

If you would like to be an occasional food deliverer, let us know! Contact [email protected] and write LOCAL SUPPORT in the subject line.


Building Nest Boxes for wildlife

If you have basic carpentry skills, building nest boxes for wildlife is something that will always be useful and appreciated.

You can find downloadable PDF instructions for a number of species by clicking here.