Economic Justice Collective

Across the globe people are standing up for people and planet. From workers in China standing up to major brands like Apple, to indigenous groups resisting land grabs in the Amazon rainforest.

Our economic system should serve communities and the environment, not the other way round. While CEOs make fortunes, billions live in poverty. People and planet are being destroyed by companies that have effectively bought our democracies. The fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground, challenge multinational corporations and protect human rights can't be won in one country. To create a new world based on justice and sustainability we need to build movements without borders.

The Economic Justice Collective stands with social movements, including feminists, factory workers, indigenous people and peasant movements around the world, to challenge corporate power through global action.

We've challenged government on it's dodgy trade deals, targeted Australian companies committing human rights and environmental abuses across the globe, and demanded economically just solutions. Join us today!



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