Stop the TPP - Don't trade away our Environment


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement that would adversely affect the environment, workers' rights, cost of medicines, internet freedoms, food safety, intellectual property rights and indigenous rights.

The trade deal includes elven countries and is seen as a ‘launch pad’ agreement with more countries expected to join.  The TPP was negotiated behind closed doors, the content of the deal only released to our elected representatives and the public once it was signed. This agreement is not only undemocratic but would also open the possibility of transnational corporations suing the Australian government, with the possible loss of billions of taxpayer dollars. Read the Full Text of the TPP here.



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What we want

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Australian Government to:

  • Vote against enabling legislation to counter attempts to ratify the TPP

  • Debate and vote on the signing of the TPP through our elected representatives in Parliament

  • Remove ISDS components from the TPP and all future trade & treaty agreements

  • Affirm the commitment to ensuring no corporations should have more power than that of the Australian Government and its citizens.

Tell Labor MPs and Senators to say no to the TPP-11 implementing legislation

The Current State of Play

The Australia parliament will likely  vote on the TPP trade deal in October. The TPP-11 implementing legislation can be stopped if the majority in the Senate say no. The Greens, Centre Alliance and other cross-benchers have confirmed that they will oppose the TPP-11, so there will be a majority to stop it if Labor says no. We were in Canberra recently talking to politicians and know many are still making up there minds.  This decision will go down to the wire.

Australia is also involved in a similar trade agreement with 16 countries in Asia called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership For more information on the risks of this mega trade deal please read the recently released paper produced jointly by Friends of the Earth International and a number of other organisations.


Read our report on Fracking and the TPP

Fracking the Planet: How the Trans Pacific Partnership will expand fracking in Australia and around the globe’. 

Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Economic Justice Collective have released a paper titled Fracking the Planet: How the Trans Pacific Partnership will expand fracking in Australia and around the globe’. The paper explains the implications of the Investment State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Chapter of the TPP, and explores the ways in which foreign corporations could use this clause to override the Australian law and environmental regulations to continue fracking the planet” 

The authors of this paper are concerned that the inclusion of the ISDS clause in the TPP will provide foreign fossil fuel corporations, such as Shenhua, Idemitsu or Chevron, with an avenue through which to sue the Australian Government for instituting legislation designed to protect the natural environment, human health and agricultural land. The ISDS clause may also have a chilling effect on public policy and regulations in relation to repealing coal mine licenses, or even adhering to food safety standards and environmental protection regulations.

'Fracking the Planet' also explains the basic process of fracking, and presents the state of play across Australia, the US and Europe in 2015, including areas engaging in fracking, bans and moratoriums, and areas of community resistance.

Download 'Fracking the Planet: How the Trans Pacific Partnership will expand fracking in Australia and around the globe'