Don't nuke the climate

Don't nuke the climate
There is a push from right wing politicians and mining interests to promote nuclear power as a solution for climate change.
In this workshop, members of the ACE Nuclear Free Collective will:
  • dismantle the arguments put forward by pro-nukers
  • explain our arguments for a future that is renewable and not radioactive
  • share useful resources from the "Don't Nuke the Climate" and FOEA's nukes websites.
Please bring your best argument for nuclear power - we will destroy it.
If you have time, please watch* Nuclear Free WA's webinar - "Don't Nuke the Climate"
*or listen with the video off - recommended for those who have hit their zoom meeting limit.
October 06, 2020 at 5pm - 6pm
Phil Evans ·
Zianna Fuad Tony Webb Bonnie Gelman Elizabeth Verschuer Ac Hunter Sam Galvin Jill Koppel Lisa Hocking Hunter Campbell Julie Price Anna Hall Kristine Philipp Janet Wheatley Phil Evans Chris Blazek Johan Wikitoa Jemila Rushton

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