COVID-19 Important Updates


Updated 1 May 2020

The FoE Food Co-op and Cafe is now open for click-and-collect online ordering!
Place your order via the website to pick up with minimal faff!

Updated Tuesday 24th March 2020

In order to reduce our COVID-19 footprint and help keep our community as safe and healthy as possible, the Friends of the Earth Melbourne Campaigns Office is now closed, with staff and volunteers working remotely. We are keeping very busy in our home offices, getting creative with our physically distant campaigning, and planning plenty of ways for you all to get involved - make sure and check our Facebook for online events, including zoom campaign meetings and skillshares! We will intermittently check phone messages, but emails will be much more reliable over this time.

Find the Operations Collective's emails here.

To get in touch with a campaign coordinator, check here.

To stay in touch and join in any online meet-ups or actions, follow us on Facebook.

Or listen in to Dirt Radio as our stoic presenters find new ways to "do" radio.


The Friends of the Earth Food Coop and Cafe will remain open to allow everyone access to household basics, groceries, fresh produce and our nutritious lunch options. The cafe will continue to serve food on a take away basis until advised otherwise.

Most bulk products remain available and we encourage you to come and shop if you are feeling well. We have implemented some changes to help minimise risk to our shoppers with compulsory hand washing before bulk shopping, washing of scoops after each use and having hand sanitiser available. Some products will be prepackaged to maintain best hygiene practices.

We are looking at ways to set up online ordering for food and basics for local delivery or pickup and will let you know as soon as this becomes an available option.

We would greatly appreciate card payments as we try to reduce cash handling, and will not be able to accept keep cups for the time being.

You can sign up to become an Active Friend member of the Food Coop and Cafe. A monthly donation will support the Food Coop to keep the doors open to provide food for our community, and ensure we can afford wages for key Food Coop staff.