About the Real Food Collective

The Friends of the Earth Melbourne Real Food group was formed in 2007 and fits under the FoEA sustainable food production project. We aim to encourage broader public debate around what may constitute sustainable and ethical agriculture, and encourage consumers to actively support the development of such an agricultural system.

Our current focus is on promoting consumer awareness through educational materials.
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In a nutshell, we encourage people to:

  • challenge the stranglehold of supermarkets on our food system
  • shop local first
  • support organic agriculture
  • campaign against the introduction of Genetically Modified foods
  • support local agriculture
  • reduce food miles, embodied energy and water intensity in food
  • support ethical and fair trade products where applicable
  • eat low on the food chain
  • question the impacts of our high meat protein and diary diets

Our small passionate group meets fortnightly at the Friends of the Earth office.

Email realfood[at]melbourne.foe.org.au to find out more information or when our next meeting is.
New members are always welcome and you don't need to be food expert or experienced campaigner to get involved.