Join a campaign collective

Campaign collectives develop, plan and undertake campaigns at FoE Melbourne. Each meets at Friends of the Earth Melbourne 6.30pm in the evenings, either weekly or fortnightly. Click on the heading for more information on the collective's home page.

Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy collective
Friends of the Earth has been involved in research, education and campaigning on nuclear issues in Australia since 1973. We work with local and indigenous groups who are directly impacted by nuclear developments. We oppose all aspects of the nuclear cycle and promote safe, environmentally friendly and socially just alternatives.


Barmah-Millewa collective
The Barmah-Millewa Campaign is about Justice for Land and People. We are an activist collective which was set up at the end of 2000, in response to a request from the Yorta Yorta Indigenous Nation. We work with the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owners to campaign for better eco-cultural outcomes for the Country.
We meet once a fortnight at Friends of the Earth in Melbourne and regularly go up to the Barmah Millewa forest to do field work such as monitoring forest logging. Up on Country we also meet with local community members our current campaign activities.


Climate Justice collective
The Climate Justice collective raises awareness on the human dimension of climate change and proposed adaptation measures.


Real Food collective
The Friends of the Earth Melbourne Real Food group was formed in 2007 and fits under the FoEA sustainable food production project. We aim to encourage broader public debate around what may constitute sustainable and ethical agriculture, and encourage consumers to actively support the development of such an agricultural system.