Get Involved

getting involved

Volunteers play an important part in running the food co-operative. One way in which you can volunteer is through becoming a rostered worker. Being a rostered worker involves doing a four hour shift each fortnight.

The tasks that you could do include:

  • community education
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • packing
  • gathering resources
  • helping shoppers
  • ordering food
  • maintaining finances
  • fundraising
  • making signs
  • working on the cash register
  • researching products
  • writing articles for the Friends of the Earth newsletter, or
  • any other projects that you may wish to discuss with the co-ordinator.

Organising the tasks that you would like to do depends on what you like doing and what needs to be done on the day. This can be discussed with the co-ordinator that you are working with on the day.

Regardless of what you do, the co-op is a fun place to work where skills and knowledge are constantly exchanged. Participating in the co-op enables you to learn about food, where it comes from, what to do with it, how to run a small business, how to work with wholesalers and farmers as well as other issues related to food buying and selling.

Volunteers who work in food co-operative receive a 15% discount off their shopping in the co-op. If you are interested in volunteering in the co-operative please come in and speak with a co-ordinator about your interest.