College Creek - to be protected!

College_Creek_Protected!.jpgAfter a 20 year!!! campaign, Friends of the Earth was informed  that College Creek, in Victoria's Strzelecki Ranges will soon be added to the State's Reserve system. The College Creek handover will be the first package of land comprising of 8500ha that will be gradually handed back over the next few years. The Strzelecki Ranges is the most depleted bioregion in Victoria and the protection of core rainforest catchments of the region has been the major focus of FoE's plantation campaign since the mid 1990's. The work was carried out in conjunction with Susie Zent from Friends of Gippsland Bush. If anyone is inspired to donate to help this campaign reach more of its goals, please do. We have been running on the smell of an oily rag for some time!

Will you donate to help us protect more of Victoria's precious bushlands?

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