Have your say: Victorian Climate Change Act review


With the Abbott government stalling Australia's efforts to tackle global warming, leadership from state governments is needed now more than ever. 

In 2010, the Victorian government introduced the Victorian Climate Change ActIt is currently considering the future of the state's climate laws. They are calling for public submissions on the Act by
Sunday 2 August.

Friends of the Earth is proud to join Environmental Justice Australia, Environment Victoria, and the Australian Conservation Foundation to call on the Andrews government to to adopt world leading climate change laws - the Victorian Climate Charter.

The Climate Charter proposal
 would make Victoria a world leader on climate change. It sets binding emission reductions targets for Victoria, establishes a ‘climate test’ for decisions that affect emissions, and gives citizens the right to take the government to court if it is not meeting its climate obligations. 

It is critical that Victorians use the Climate Change Act review to demand action, and counter calls from industry to go soft on tackling global warming.

Your voice is important! Climate action will only happen if the community demands it. The Climate Change Act review is a great opportunity to do just that.

Environmental Justice Australia and Friends of the Earth have joined forces to make it quick and easy for you to have your say. Click below and we’ll send your submission directly to the review committee.

The review committee may publish your submission with your postcode but no other personal details. Click here for their privacy policy.