What is the Circular Economy?

Remember the milkman? Taking our glass bottles in the afternoon to deliver our fresh milk in the morning- that’s the circular economy in a nutshell.

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Victoria needs an economy that:

Right now, manufacturers EXPECT their products to create waste and pollution. A circular economy means that all products are designed for end of life - waste and pollution become design flaws to be eliminated.

Even with our recycling efforts 78% of Australian plastics, 97% of batteries & 96% of textiles end up in landfill.  New materials we use in our computers and phones come from dangerous and dirty mines. A circular economy ensures that we recover materials from our old products.

Our current system creates crises. We need a new system that eliminates this. We can ensure our food waste gets turned into compost, and materials like plastics never get near our oceans.


This system is being implemented all over the world, by countries and businesses.  Read more here, here, here and here

You have an historic opportunity to transform how we deal with our waste. The Victorian government is currently working on a Circular Economy plan- we’re talking about our whole system changing.

There’s lots of good ideas in this plan- but they’re only potential. We have to make sure that the government knows just how much we want a system that works. Sign our petition below, and we will share it with those making decisions about this plan.

This is just phase one. We’ll keep on the government throughout this process, making sure they deliver on their promises. Get on our newsletter for updates.

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