Call the Minister for Transport Now!


The 2019 Victorian Budget will see $15.8 billion go to the controversial North East Link toll road. This will bring 90,000 more cars to the Eastern Freeway, when what we need is more public transport.

Call the Minister for Public Transport Infrastructure before shovels hit the ground on the North East Link.

Road lobbyists such as Transurban and RACV have pressured the government to build what is to be Australia's biggest road yet.

Help stop this mega-road by making a call today.

Meanwhile, the everyday commuter continues to sit in heavy traffic to and from the CBD. Overcrowded busses on clogged up roads don't cut it.

Get on the phone today to ensure this project doesn’t go ahead.

We have the power to put pressure on Minister the Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan. Let's show that community members want better public transport, such as Doncaster Rail and Melbourne Metro 2.

Make the call today before work begins.