Alarming melting of the polar icecaps and extensive bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef shows more needs to be done to address Australia’s contribution to climate change. 

Yet since 2013, Abbott/Turnbull governments have acted as a blocker. They have scrapped the national climate change policy (carbon price penalty for polluters), attacked renewable energy, and aided of coal and gas interests like Adani.

These policy failures leave Australian communities exposed to climate change impacts such as increasing droughts, bushfires, heatwaves and storms. They imperil our planet.

The Coalition government is undertaking a review of climate policy. Given their track record and the fact they've taken options off the table before the review was conducted, how can the community have any faith in the process? 

Climate-concerned citizens have lost their patience with the Federal Coalition. We will take policy reviews seriously when the government takes climate change seriously (i.e: by stopping Adani's Carmichael coal mine). 

Call the Coalition's bluff on climate change by sending the following submission to the government's review!