Coalition vs Climate: Call blitz the gas guzzlers


During the first Parliamentary sitting in weeks, Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Angus Taylor have dialed up attacks on renewable energy and the climate as part of the government’s so-called “gas-fired recovery”.

The Coalition’s Covid commission is stacked with representatives from the gas industry -- and now a proposed amendment to legislation governing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation could now hand fossil fuel companies access to billions of dollars in funding meant for renewable energy.

At the same time, the government continues to delay on national offshore wind laws, which would pave the way for game changing projects like the Star of the South and thousands of climate jobs.

At a time of overlapping crises there is no excuse for wasting public funds on gas, an uneconomic industry and harmful pollutant that is fueling the climate crisis. We need a plan to transition to 100% renewable energy and beyond.

Join in on our calling blitz of the Coalition’s gas guzzlers on Tuesday 8th September at 11AM to push back on the Morrison government’s blatant attempts to undermine renewable energy and prop up the gas industry.

You will receive a briefing from the Yes2Renewables team about the Morrison government's gas-fired agenda and latest threats to renewable energy, tips and key messages to call government Ministers and MPs to make your voice heard.

This is an online event that will be held via zoom -- RSVP is essential!

September 08, 2020 at 11:00am - 12:30pm
Y2R Coordinator Pat Simons ·
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