Cairns Digital Skill Share Payment


You have nominated to attend this two day training, Cairns Digital Campaigning Skill Share.

This training is valuable. We are offering it on a 'sliding scale' of payment.

That is YOU CHOOSE how much you pay. We don't want 'money' to be the reason you do not attend.

When choosing think about these things

  • The training is valuable: to you personally and to your campaigns.
  • The facilitators are spending time and money to travel to FNQ.
  • The facilitators need an income, like all of us. THIS is an ethical source of income.
  • The training would probably cost you each about $500 to $600 in the lower professional sphere.
  • You have many things you spend money on. Many ways of choosing and deciding.
  • You can pay the workshop off over time - contact [email protected] if you would like to do this.
  • The break even price is about $100.
  • The training is already subsidised by local groups to make it affordable.

Please nominate how much YOU will pay. If we don't receive enough, we'll ask everybody for a bit more, but it will still be up to you if you can't pay more. We have a budget and will keep asking till we meet that. We don't want money be the reason you do not attend.