Donate to Coal and Gas Free Victoria

ucg_inquiry_report_day.jpgCoal and Gas Free Victoria is a campaign run by Quit Coal and Friends of the Earth.  Becoming an Active Friend is the most effective way to support our work now and into the future. It involves a regular monthly donation that will give us the stability to plan and budget for our campaigns, and you also get  membership to Friends of the Earth.*

Ending the age of fossil fuels is one of the greatest global challenges we face. We believe that building new coal and gas infrastructure locks in decades of polluting, risky, and unsustainable power generation, when we should be moving towards a future with clean, renewable energy. Your money will go directly towards our community organising, outreach campaigns and actions. 

You also can make a single one-off donation here.

*Contributions are tax deductible. Minimum contribution is $10 per month. A small membership fee of $25 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible (unless you are already a member of Friends of the Earth).

Contributions are tax deductible less membership fee.
Your credit card will be billed automatically every month
Membership terms and conditions can be found here.