Revive Our Rivers - Buy Back More Water

Time is running out, our rivers are dying. 

We need to stop native fish kills in sick rivers.

The rivers in the north that feed the Darling are being sucked dry, leaving the Murray to do all the hard work in the south. 

The water recovery target for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has not been met despite the Plan coming into effect on 1 July 2019. Most of that shortfall is in the Northern Basin. 

It’s time to get the Darling working again! 

The quickest, most efficient and economically responsible way to meet the overdue water recovery target is to purchase this water from willing sellers via an open and transparent tender process, focusing on the Northern Basin first. 

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To the Hon. Keith Pitt, Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, and members of the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council.

We the undersigned call on you to give our native fish, waterbirds, wetlands and river communities a fair go.

The Murray Darling Basin Plan came into effect in July 2019 but the full water recovery target has not been met. 

The shortfall of 47.5 billion litres is well within the 1500 billion litre Cap on buybacks and must be recovered as a matter of urgency. 

The quickest, cheapest and most efficient way of recovering this water is by immediately reinstating voluntary water licence buybacks through an open and transparent tender system.

A large percentage of the shortfall is in the Northern Basin where recovered water will benefit the Darling River and communities all the way to the River Murray.

We must Revive our Rivers. We call on you to bring back water buybacks now.