Ban Onshore Gas drilling in Victoria

I-say-no-to-gasfields1.jpgThe state government's Inquiry into Unconventional Gas has now released it's final report. The state government needs to make a decision about whether to lift the current ban on gas drilling. We are urging them to support a permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling.

This is our best chance to stop this industry before it gets established in Victoria.

Please sign our petition to the Premier and Resources Minister, calling on the state government to permanently ban all forms of drilling for unconventional gas.


For background information on the Inquiry please check here.

When signing the petition, please include your name and postcode as a minimum - this shows if you're from Victoria - which is what will have the most impact. Thanks.



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Ban unconventional gas drilling in Victoria.


Dear Premier Andrews,

I appreciate that your government initiated a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Unconventional Gas (UCG) Industry.

We are fortunate to still have the opportunity to stop the industry before it gets established in our state.

Victoria is a densely populated state. Agriculture and food processing are the cornerstones of our economy. The experience of the unconventional gas industry elsewhere in Australia and overseas shows that this industry impacts negatively on farming. There are problems with all forms of UCG – coal seam gas, tight gas and shale gas.

The UCG industry does not have social licence to operate in Victoria. This is shown by the fact that more than 70 communities have declared themselves coal or gasfield free.

I urge you to use your government's response to this Inquiry to close off Victoria to this destructive industry. This is our best chance to learn from the problems and damage that has been caused by this industry elsewhere. An onshore UCG industry will be negative for Victoria in environmental, social and economic terms. Some short term benefits for a few will leave long term pain for farmers, communities, ground water and the environment.

I urge you to place a permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling in Victoria.


Yours sincerely,


Cc: Hon Wade Noonan

Minister for Resources