Its time to ban offshore oil and gas exploration

no_drill_banner_JAN_2019.jpegLast year the Andrews Government released five new oil and gas exploration blocks in the offshore Otway Basin in state waters, from Port Campbell to the South Australian border. They are part of the national 2018 Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release. The tender process for companies to apply closed on February 15, 2019. The department has said they had ‘good’ interest in the blocks, and will make a decision on successful bidders later in the year.

The companies who win the tender will then start to investigate what gas is there, partly using data from the Victorian government’s Gas Program. They will also look into how any gas might be extracted (one option is to drill gas wells onshore and then drill horizontally into offshore fields). Both desktop and field exploration would be undertaken (probably including seismic testing).

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