Roads attack planned for Melbourne

Victorian Opposition leader Matthew Guy has released his roads package today, marking the move back to the 1960's roads mania.

With Melbourne's population growth we need 21st planning and investment in efficient transport solutions.

"The community will be appalled to see this plan presented as a solution to the congestion in Melbourne,” Rachel Lynskey, Friends of the Earth Sustainable Cities coordinator said today. “These projects will lock us into car transport for decades to come, and over time increasing congestion again."

These mega road projects will not get Melbourne moving. Building roads now only gives drivers short relief before the roads fill again. We then require more infrastructure to tackle the continued congestion.

The last state budget saw over $2 invested in roads for every $1 spent on public transport. Despite growing demand, the short changing of our public transport means we won't be ready to keep Melbourne moving in the future. Mr Guy’s plan will shift funding even more strongly in favour of mega roads at the expense of public transport.

Melbourne's continued investment in roads is at the expense of public transport and a world-class rail network. The community are asking instead that our politicians commit to increasing freight on rail, major rail upgrades, and ongoing expansion of our bus and tram networks.

The community are also asking for investment instead to be made in the “Melbourne Metro 2” project.

“To tackle congestion and commuter traffic we urge the commencement of planning and construction of Melbourne Metro 2. This connection of western Melbourne suburbs and the new Fisherman’s Bend redevelopment with the CBD would create thousands of local jobs, and keep Melbourne moving for the future” said Ms Lynskey.

For more comment contact:  Rachel Lynskey, 0481 288 21

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Thomson River Diversion Tunnel and Horseshoe Bend

horseshoebemd.jpgFriends of the Earth Objects to Heavy Earth Works Planned for Thomson River.

Friends of the Earth have grave concerns regarding the planned construction of an eight metre wide "fishway" near the Thomson River Diversion Tunnel, located 4km south west of  Walhalla in Gippsland.

Heritage Victoria have recently approved the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s application to construct the fishway.

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A tale of two valleys

The isolation of regional voices & some visions for building resilience.

By Zianna Fuad

I often find politics becomes removed from it’s real-life repercussions. I often forget the way decisions ripple out over time, changing the ways of things like a railroad switch.  I forever remind myself that politics is not locked in a Parliament room, it’s real and felt and often long-lasting and each time I forget, I am reminded of the cushioning of privilege and its own abstracting lens.  


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Labor coal announcement will undermine govt’s climate credentials

Yallourn.jpgMEDIA RELEASE: 1 June 2018

Today’s announcement by the Andrews government that it will extend the licenses of the Latrobe Valley’s major power plants undermines its credentials on climate change and raises the potential that Victoria’s transition to a low carbon future will stall.

“In the 21st century, with what we know about climate science and the imperative to transition as rapidly as possible to 100% renewables, any announcement to keep coal fired power stations open can only be bad news for the climate” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Wonwondah wind farm gets the green light - Will local Nationals MP support jobs & investment?


A new wind farm in Wonondah North in western Victoria has been given the green light by the Andrews government and will bring jobs and investment to the Wimmera region. 

Friends of the Earth say the local region can be proud of the project that will power 25,000 homes and help Victoria tackle climate change. 

"Victorian climate change solutions such as the Wonwonda wind farm bring jobs and investment to regional communities," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth climate spokesperson. 

"The facility will contribute towards Victoria meeting its legislated target of zero net emissions by 2050--something the whole community can be proud of." 

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May 2018 Update

Friends! Tax time is upon us and now is the time to dig deep and help us as we gear up for the November State Election. We have 5 key asks this election:

  • Victoria's first climate focused budget, delivering investment in climate change solutions and protects communities from climate impacts.

  • Powering Melbourne’s train network with solar and wind power to ensure
    Victoria’s transport system is clean, modern and non-polluting while creating
    sustainable jobs in regional Victoria and metropolitan areas.
  • The creation of the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) and East Gippsland Emerald Link Reserve, delivering a transition plan for workers in the forestry industry.

  • Commitment to a community focused transport plan for the future of Melbourne and shift funding from roads to critical public transport infrastructure, such as Melbourne Metro 2.

  • The creation of a publicly-owned retailer, backed by 100% renewable energy, to ensure Victorians have access to clean, fair and affordable electricity.

Can you help us make this a reality? Please make a tax deductible donation here - together we can do this!



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Victorian opposition paper plan will destroy forests, wildlife and long term jobs

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Victorian opposition to support sustainable wood and fibre production by committing to only use recycled paper, not paper made from Victoria’s forests. 

Yesterday, leader of the Victorian opposition Matthew Guy and Nationals leader Peter Walsh announced that Coalition government offices would only use Australian-made paper sourced from logging operations in Victoria’s native forests.

Clearfell logging in Toolangi state forest - Chris Taylor 

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Good News - First 1600ha of High Conservation Value Forest Reserved in Strzelecki Ranges

Friends of the Earth received the good news that the first 1600ha of land, in the long running Strzelecki Ranges Rainforest Cores and Links saga, was Gazetted by the Victorian State Government on the 10th of May 2018. 

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Friends of the Earth’s winter speaker series

31531738_602038206823714_246279484951494656_n.jpgDuring winter we will be hosting a range of forums for our members, supporters, and allies. These will cover a range of topics, from the long campaign to protect the forests along the Murray River, to green economics, and climate change and grief.

They are free events and will be held downstairs at the Friends of the Earth café.

312 Smith street, Collingwood (#86 tram, corner of Perry Street).

All welcome.

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Federal Government Fails Murray-Darling River Communities

605_billion_Litres_small.pngHave you heard the news? Last week the Federal Government slashed the Murray Darling Basin Plan by one fifth.

The Basin Plan was an agreement to restore the health of the river after drought and decades of over extraction had decimated the ecological communities on the river. The river has been sick for a long time, the Darling has run dry, and fish, birdlife and wetlands are struggling near the mouth of the Murray. This change is one more nail in the coffin.

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