Victorian Greens, first party to support 100% renewables and a Climate Budget in new climate & energy plan

MEDIA RELEASE: 17 September 2018

Victorian Greens, first party to support 100% renewables and a Climate Budget in new climate & energy plan   

The Victorian Greens have become the first political party in the state to call for 100 percent renewable energy and support a Climate Budget with the release of their climate and energy policy ahead of the November election.

Friends of the Earth welcome the announcement saying fresh thinking about climate change policy is long overdue. 

"The Greens announcement sets the bar for action on climate change," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth climate spokesperson.

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Grassy Plains Conference

Conference_Flyer_Pic-1024x640_OCT_2018.pngA conference for the community, professionals and all who share an interest in conservation of Melbourne’s Grassy Plains.

The conference will explore the three themes of ‘Respect, Protect and Reconnect’ Melbourne’s Grassy Plains.

Friday 12th October (9am – 5pm) and
Sat 13th October, 2018 (1pm-5pm, lunch 12pm-1pm)
At Wyndham Council Chambers,
45 Princes Highway, Werribee.

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Hold AGL accountable for climate action!

AGL_AGM_Sept_2018.jpgAGL are still Australia’s largest climate polluters. They paint themselves as a green and clean company while remaining Australia’s biggest emitter of C02!

They have a dirty plan to turn Westernport Bay into a massive gas import terminal. This will threaten the beautiful Westernport coastline which is a Ramsar-listed wetland and home to rare marine life and migratory birds. Worse still it will increase climate pollution from more dirty fossil fuels we don’t need.

Meanwhile they are feeling Federal pressure for the closure of their Liddell coal station in NSW - let's show AGL that the community backs their decision to help end our dependence on fossil fuels!

Join Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth, Save Westernport and other allies outside AGLs Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Wednesday 26 September 2018.

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Brunswick Loves Forests

With no sign the government is serious about protecting our threatened forests and wildlife before the state election on 24 November, Friends of the Earth, together with Victorian National Parks Association, launched our forests electoral campaign on 11 September at Site Works in Brunswick. 

Brunswick is a great place for us to start ramping up our campaign as it is a key contested seat in the state election and . . .  #BrunswickLovesForests.

Action Stations Brunswick

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MEDIA RELEASE: Andrews govt’s big renewables announcement lays the foundation for climate leadership as state election approaches

MEDIA RELEASE: 11 Sept 2018

Andrews govt’s big renewables announcement lays the foundation for climate leadership as state election approaches

Environment group Friends of the Earth welcome the Andrews government’s announcement today of six new wind and solar farms totalling 928 megawatts to meet the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and say it lays the foundation to act on climate change.

Friends of the Earth kicked off the grassroots campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target in early 2014 and say today's announcement is a key milestone for the state's renewable energy future as it heads toward 40 percent renewables by 2025.

"Premier Daniel Andrews’ announcement represents the single biggest renewable energy auction in Australia’s history."

"Victoria’s newest wind and solar farms will put downward pressure on power prices and create 1,500 jobs while cutting polluting greenhouse gas emissions," said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

"The successful reverse auction shows climate action is good for jobs, power prices, and our economy."

Friends of the Earth say the announcement lays the foundation for another round of renewable energy investment.

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MEDIA RELEASE 7th Sep 2018: When The River Runs Dry exuberant drag queens stage Lower Darling performance on #ThreatenedSpeciesDay

A dead river's a real drag

Two exuberant drag queens dressed as a Golden Perch and local Yabbie have performed to an audience on the Lower Darling to raise awareness of their threatened survival in the the Murray Darling Basin on threatened species day.

Fox Pflueger the local Yabbie got the crowd wet to a performance of “When the rivers run dry” on the dry and degraded banks of the Darling River at Tolarno Station. Weird Alice the Golden Perch blasted an incredible rendition of “I will Survive” at the Menindee Lakes.

The Menindee lakes is the largest fish breeding ground in the Murray Darling Basin and right now the iconic Golden perch is at risk of extinction because the lakes are being bled dry by over extraction and failed water management.

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Support the Ending Extinction Bill

To mark National Threatened Species Day 2018 we’ve created the Ending Extinction Bill.

We’re showing leadership because our political representatives are failing to.

The Bill calls for strong protections for Victoria’s threatened species and a raft of measures that will stop rare plants and animals sliding further towards extinction.

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Have you heard about the vital next addition to Melbourne’s world-class rail network?

Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2) is a tunnel between Newport and Clifton Hill via Fishermans Bend, Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Parkville and Fitzroy connecting to existing services.

Email our Premier and Opposition Leader today to put MM2 on the agenda in 2018.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Environment group slams federal Coalition for squandering taxpayer dollars on polluting brown coal

MEDIA RELEASE – 31 Aug 2018

Environment group slams federal Coalition for squandering taxpayer dollars on polluting brown coal

Friends of the Earth have slammed the Morrison government’s decision to put $1 million of taxpayers money into the flagging brown coal industry, calling on Victoria’s Matthew Guy opposition to distance themselves from the ideological announcement.

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Happy #VicGasBan 2 year Anniversary!

Today marks 2 years since Premier Daniel Andrews announced a permanent ban on all onshore gas mining in Victoria! Happy Anniversary!

Across the state, people worked tirelessly for the Gasfield Free campaign and it was truly a win for people power. All walks of life came together to protect our land, water and health. We fought to protect what we have for future generations, and made democracy work for us.

As we continue to reflect on all the hard work, joys and tribulations over those 5 years, we know that the fracking ban will be one of  the greatest campaigns and wins for the environmental and community movement.

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