May 2018 Update

Friends! Tax time is upon us and now is the time to dig deep and help us as we gear up for the November State Election. We have 5 key asks this election:

  • Victoria's first climate focused budget, delivering investment in climate change solutions and protects communities from climate impacts.

  • Powering Melbourne’s train network with solar and wind power to ensure
    Victoria’s transport system is clean, modern and non-polluting while creating
    sustainable jobs in regional Victoria and metropolitan areas.
  • The creation of the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) and East Gippsland Emerald Link Reserve, delivering a transition plan for workers in the forestry industry.

  • Commitment to a community focused transport plan for the future of Melbourne and shift funding from roads to critical public transport infrastructure, such as Melbourne Metro 2.

  • The creation of a publicly-owned retailer, backed by 100% renewable energy, to ensure Victorians have access to clean, fair and affordable electricity.

Can you help us make this a reality? Please make a tax deductible donation here - together we can do this!



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Victorian opposition paper plan will destroy forests, wildlife and long term jobs

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Victorian opposition to support sustainable wood and fibre production by committing to only use recycled paper, not paper made from Victoria’s forests. 

Yesterday, leader of the Victorian opposition Matthew Guy and Nationals leader Peter Walsh announced that Coalition government offices would only use Australian-made paper sourced from logging operations in Victoria’s native forests.

Clearfell logging in Toolangi state forest - Chris Taylor 

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Good News - First 1600ha of High Conservation Value Forest Reserved in Strzelecki Ranges

Friends of the Earth received the good news that the first 1600ha of land, in the long running Strzelecki Ranges Rainforest Cores and Links saga, was Gazetted by the Victorian State Government on the 10th of May 2018. 

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Friends of the Earth’s winter speaker series

31531738_602038206823714_246279484951494656_n.jpgDuring winter we will be hosting a range of forums for our members, supporters, and allies. These will cover a range of topics, from the long campaign to protect the forests along the Murray River, to green economics, and climate change and grief.

They are free events and will be held downstairs at the Friends of the Earth café.

312 Smith street, Collingwood (#86 tram, corner of Perry Street).

All welcome.

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Federal Government Fails Murray-Darling River Communities

605_billion_Litres_small.pngHave you heard the news? Last week the Federal Government slashed the Murray Darling Basin Plan by one fifth.

The Basin Plan was an agreement to restore the health of the river after drought and decades of over extraction had decimated the ecological communities on the river. The river has been sick for a long time, the Darling has run dry, and fish, birdlife and wetlands are struggling near the mouth of the Murray. This change is one more nail in the coffin.

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Andrews govt gas drilling plan undermines climate and energy credentials

offshore_oil_drilling_100515.jpgMEDIA RELEASE 17 May 2018

The Andrews government has continued to undermine its climate credentials, and announced it will open up a large section of the Victorian coastline to gas exploration and, potentially, drilling.

“Around the world, smart economies are moving to reduce reliance on gas. This will further entrench Victoria’s reliance on fossil fuels” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker. “This announcement represents old fashioned thinking that will not reduce costs to gas consumers.”

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MEDIA RELEASE: Bulgana Green Power Hub demonstrates economic benefits of climate action - Will local Liberal MP support jobs & investment? 

Bulgana Green Power Hub demonstrates the economic benefits of climate action

The Bulgana Green Power Hub demonstrates the economic benefits of climate action: Will local Liberal MP support jobs & investment? 
Friends of the Earth welcome the commencement of construction of the Bulgana Green Energy Hub near Stawell and say the project demonstrates the economic benefits of climate change solutions. But will the local Liberal MP Louise Staley support local jobs and investment? 

"Victorian climate change solutions such as the Bulgana Green Power Hub bring jobs and investment to regional communities," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth climate spokesperson. 

"The facility will contribute towards Victoria meeting its legislated target of zero net emissions by 2050--something the whole community can be proud of."
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Rad Tour 2018 was totally rad!

The Radioactive Exposure Tour 2018 was a great success, with thirty interested, passionate people listening, learning and showing  their support to the people at the frontline fighting the nuclear industry in South Australia. Here is report back from the 2nd part of the tour (see here for details on first 4 days).

Sunset at Lake Eyre


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Spot-tailed Quoll habitat under threat! Take Action!

On the south face of the magnificent Mt.Baw Baw east of Melbourne citizen scientists have found an Endangered Spot Tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) or Tiger Cat!

The Spot Tailed Quoll is listed as Endangered in Victoria due to massive declines in its distribution and abundance since European settlement.

Just a stones throw from where the Quoll was photographed high quality habitat for the Spot tailed Quoll is being logged.

Please email Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio calling on her to conduct thorough surveys for Quolls in the surrounding areas that are threatened by logging and protect the Quoll habitat within coupe 483-504- 0001 (Lure) which is currently being logged.



Friends of the Earth's Victorian Budget Response


Climate and environment: Big-ticket items the missing piece of the puzzle in Vic budget 2018

Environment group Friends of the Earth says big ticket items to tackle climate change and protect Victoria’s environment are the “missing piece of the puzzle” in budget 2018/19—a disappointing one for the environment. 

The Andrews government’s allocation towards climate change and environment is down from last year’s budget--from $798 million in budget 2017/18 to $266 million this budget cycle.

"With climate change impacts becoming more and more obvious, it’s disappointing to see the Andrews government’s 2018 budget fail to deliver big ticket items for climate change and environmental protection," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth spokesperson.

“The community is looking to the Labor government to have vision when it comes to our environment—such as by establishing the Great Forest National Park and championing the rollout of renewable energy.”

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