Climate change madness in Victoria: Get prepared and stay safe!


Have climate impacts ever been as obvious as they have been over the last few weeks?

This November, Victoria has seen record-late frosts, ocean temperature anomalies, as well as a record-breaking heatwave that delivered 15 days over 30°C.

The state now faces an unprecedented storm that is expected to dump a summers-worth of rain in a matter of days leaving the Bureau of Meteorology saying we're in "uncharted territory."

"Half the inhabitants of Melbourne have probably never seen something like this," Scott Williams, senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology told The Age. "This is a vast intense, high impact event for this state."

This is what climate change looks like.

No one can say any particular weather event is caused by climate change. And, of course, Victoria experiences weather patterns that can be extreme because of natural climate variability. But this extreme weather is consistent with what is forecast under climate change modelling.

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Westgate Tunnel approval takes Melbourne on a wrong turn

WGT_approval_FINAL.jpgThe planning minister Richard Wynne has today approved the $5.5 B West Gate Tunnel project.

Approval of Transurban’s $5.5 billion Westgate Tunnel toll road project locks Melbourne into decades more congestion, tolls and pollution. Local residents in inner west Melbourne will not see relief from traffic and trucks under Transurban’s Westgate Tunnel toll road.

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November 2017 Update

What a year it has been! 2018 is shaping up as a HUGE year with the Victorian State Election due. Can you help us get get ready for the election and help us show that #VicLovesForests with a donation today?

Northcote Loves Forests! 
northcote.jpgNorthcote residents overwhelming voted for forest protection by electing Greens candidate Lidia Thorpe. Lidia is the first Aboriginal woman in Victorian parliament and long time advocate for native forest protection.

We congratulate Lidia and look forward to working with her, and we call on Premier Andrews and cabinet Ministers to make declaration of the Great Forest National Park a priority in the coming months. 

Polling commissioned by FoE and other groups revealing that more than 81% of Northcote voters support the creation of the GFNP and for more than 1 in 5 voters the protection of forests is their most important issue, as reported in The Guardian.

You can take action and email the Premier and Cabinet calling for the creation of the Great Forest National Park, the protection of East Gippsland's Emerald Link and fair and just transition for workers. Take action now.

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Northcote loves native forests

Northcote_loves_native_forests(1).jpgThe Northcote by-election is a great opportunity for all candidates to show their support for protecting native forests and wildlife. 

Do you live in Northcote and will be voting in the by-election?


Contact your candidates to tell them you want Victoria's native forests protected from logging.

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Calls for Great Forest National Park refreshed as poll shows forest protection a vote decider

More than 30 environment, recreation and scientific groups have renewed their call for the creation of the Great Forest National Park, as Labor’s favoured issues of renters rights and cost of housing prove less popular with voters in the upcoming Northcote by-election.

Read coverage in The Guardian here.

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Launch of Vic's renewable energy auctions, "a lesson" for the feds

Launch of Vic's renewable energy auctions, "a lesson" for feds
Media Release: Nov 14 2017: Launch of Vic's renewable energy auctions, "a lesson" for the feds
Victoria is leading the country with the launch of Australia's largest renewable energy auction scheme, a plan that will drive jobs, investment and drought-proof income across the state. 
The announcement comes as federal energy policy descends into farce with Josh Frydenberg pitching an eight-page thought bubble based on dodgy modelling, the so-called 'National Energy Guarantee' or NEG.
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Northcote by-election campaign wrap up

As Northcote voters head to the polls this weekend, here’s a wrap up of the Friends of the Earth campaign in the Northcote by-election and where the candidates stand on the issue of native forest logging and the creation of the Great Forest National Park.


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Friends of the Earth win Premier's Sustainability Award


Friends of the Earth has won the Environmental Justice category in this year's Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards for conducting a campaign to build community resistance to the potential threat of fracking.

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Court injunction protects Kuark Forest

Kuark_injunction_Oct_2017.jpgThe Kuark forest is located in far East Gippsland, Victoria. This magnificent forest is home to rare rainforest and endangered animals. Sections of it are currently on logging schedules and could be cut at any moment. An access track has been cut into the first coupe.

In response, campaigners have set up a camp in the forest to oppose logging. In response, the Victorian government announced it would increase the protection given to old growth forests, but activists are not prepared for any of the coupe to be logged.

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October Update 2017

Ancient forest in East Gippsland's iconic Kuark forest is about to be logged!

The Kuark Forest is under threat!!Our friends and affiliate members Goongerah Envrionment Centre (GECO) have been working around the clock to protect this forest.

Trees over 400 years old will be cut down this week if we do not act.

A road has been pushed into the forest in preparation to start logging one of the most significant old growth forests in Victoria.

Logging has not yet started so there's still time to stop it.

If you haven't already, please take action here - Email Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio calling on her to stop the logging of this beautiful forest.

We're working closely with our friends at GECO to stop this logging using a variety of different strategies, your efforts to amplify the message in the Minister's office will greatly help.

We will keep you in the loop as new information comes to hand. Please follow our affiliate GECO's Facebook and Twitter for live updates.

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