Green building council - still not so green

Last year we exposed the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) dodgy ‘Green star’ ratings. The GBCA award green star ratings for buildings made with timber sourced from unsustainable logging operations in Victoria’s native forests.

Wood certified under the so called 'Responsible Wood' certification scheme (formally Australian Forestry Standard) is being used in so called ‘Green’ buildings that te council has awarded their green tick to. This includes wood from old growth forests, endangered species habitat and critically endangered Mountain Ash forests within the proposed Great Forest National Park

Hens_BT_stump_EEG.jpgOld growth forest logged in East Gippsland, 2015

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#GetOnBoard Community Powered Transport Plan

Our transport system is a mess.

Roads don’t relieve congestion, they create it.  But state government after state government keep building roads. They keep putting the road lobby and private interests before smart transport solutions.

This is why we need to build enough momentum to stop ANY mega toll road project that they put on the table.

And that’s where our #GetOnBoard plan comes in.


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Logging of old growth forest imminent as Granite Mountain blockade is broken

As conservationists from the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) entered their tenth consecutive day of successfully preventing logging of old growth forest at Granite Mountain in remote East Gippsland, twenty government officials have today arrived on site to break the blockade.

Around fifteen people are at the blockade, established on Monday 22 January. One person is suspended from a tripod structure blocking the logging road.


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MEDIA RELEASE: Work on Westgate announced as community members gear up to launch their own transport plan

Work on Westgate announced as community members gear up to launch their own transport plan

The announcement that work has commenced on the controversial Westgate tollroad comes amid strong community concerns over the project--from increased pollution affecting public health to disruption for communities in the western suburbs.
Community member from the inner-west, Chloe Aldenhoven, expressed concern over the works: 
"The Westgate tollroad is a dud project that will bring pain to local residents, congestion for generations, and result in billions of profit for Transurban. This doesn't sound like Labor values to me."

The announcement comes as community members from across Melbourne prepare to launch their own vision for the city's transport with an event planned for the first sitting day of Parliament for 2018--a hotly-contested election year. 

Friends of the Earth Melbourne will be joined by community members on Tuesday 6th February to launch Mobilise Melbourne: A Community Plan for Transport.

"Previous governments have failed to listen to the community when it comes a vision for planning and transport in Melbourne," said Rachel Lynskey, Sustainable Cities spokesperson for Friends of the Earth.

"This is why Friends of the Earth are kicking off an initiative to capture the community's bright ideas for transport infrastructure and services."

"We'll be presenting these community-sourced ideas to all state political parties, calling on them to ramp up investment in sustainable transport initiatives."
The Mobilise Melbourne: A Community Plan for Transport plan brings together groups campaigning against mega tollroads in the western and north-eastern suburbs, previous locals who stopped the East-West Link, and many more concerned citizens.

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Clean Coal LOL

But Carbon Capture and Storage off Ninety Mile Beach is no laughing matter


Golden Beach is an idyllic section of Ninety Mile Beach. It boasts a pristine coastline, plentiful fish, multitudes of birds and the skeletal remains of an 1897 shipwreck. But there is a cloud hanging over this lovely place.

A publicly-funded State Government project, called CarbonNet, has earmarked the area for Carbon Storage. This February, seismic testing for a suitable carbon storage site will be undertaken in the waters off Golden Beach.

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Media Release: Benefits of newly opened Kiata wind farm shows it's time for Turnbull to #RestoreTheRET

Kiata Wind Farm

Friends of the Earth were pleased to attend the official opening of the Kiata wind farm today, and say the project is renewable energy success story that highlights the need for the Turnbull government to hit the reset button on energy policy.

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Locals initiate climate solutions in Melbourne's inner north

Climate change is affecting people in Melbourne by putting pressure on public health, the local environment, infrastructure, and the economy. Yarra Community Solar and the Epworth Hospital have initiated sustainable projects in the inner north to create change in their communities.



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River Country Returns in 2018

IMG_8560_blog.JPGLast year was a big year for the Murray Darling. The Darling ran dry, Four Corners exposed upstream water theft thrusting our river into the national spotlight and bickering over the Murray Darling Basin Plan threatened to cut back the amount water that is returned to the environment. With a Victorian State Election and a key decision about the fate of the Murray Darling Basin Plan pending for February, 2018 is shaping up to be even bigger.

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Launch of Melbourne's REAL Transport Vision

rally_transport_plan_Feb_2018_.pngFebruary 6 from 8 AM - 9 AM

Parliament of Victoria

Spring Street, Melbourne,

JOIN US to launch a community transport vision for Melbourne-wide sustainable transport options!

Our political leaders have failed to develop a comprehensive transport plan for Melbourne and concerned citizens are not waiting any longer.

JOIN US for the launch of a broad community transport vision to provide Melbourne-wide sustainable transport options for the future.

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Join the Radioactive Exposure Tour in 2018

Poster with words \

ACE Nuclear Free Collective is happy to annouce we will be organising a Radioactive Exposure Tour in 2018. From March 30th to April 8th, we will be travelling from Melbourne to South Australia, to visit nuclear sites including: proposed sites for national nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges and Kimba, nuclear bomb test sites at Woomera, Olympic Dam uranium mine and Lake Eyre.

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