Resolute efforts to tackle climate change are now more urgent than ever before. 

Unchecked climate change exposes Victorian families and regional communities to increasing frequency and severity of heatwaves, storms, bushfires, and droughts. These climate impacts threaten public health, infrastructure, and agricultural production.

Communities across the state are standing up and taking action on climate change. Community energy projects seek to prevent climate change from getting worse, while others connect to build resilience to the impacts that are, unfortunately, now locked in. 

The Liberal and National opposition has undermined the community’s efforts by voting against amendments to strengthen the Victorian Climate Change Act, voting against a fair price for solar, and pledging to scrap the Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

In 2017, it's simply unacceptable to vote against action on climate change.

For the opposition to have credibility on this critical issue, it must review its climate change policies—including emissions reductions, coal, gas, renewable energy,* and community resilience—and release them publicly by the year’s end.

It’s time for the Victorian opposition to get serious about action on climate change. 

* Solar and wind power (not "clean" coal and gas)


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