Nuclear Free (ACE)

Join our Anti Nuclear and Clean Energy Campaign fortnightly meetings on Tuesdays at the Friends of the Earth office, 312 Smith Street Collingwood. To find out when our next meeting is, please contact Jim Green on 0417 318 368 or email Scroll to the bottom of this page to see our calendar of events.

The Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy collective has worked for over forty years researching, educating and actively campaigning on nuclear issues. We aim to protect people and the environment from damage by the nuclear industry and promote safe, clean and sustainable energy solutions.


With a Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission in South Australia pushing to expand nuclear operations and a shortlisted site for a national nuclear waste dump on Adnyamathanha Country - South Australia, our campaign work at this time is vital.

Latest News

FoE campaigners in Adelaide and Melbourne have been heavily involved in the debate about whether South Australia will become the world's high-level nuclear waste dump. We've been working on the assumption that this campaign will run for 5‒10 years but the past six weeks have seen some remarkable developments ‒ most of them positive. The project was effectively killed off, then revived, and has hopefully been killed off again ... hopefully! Read more

Public forum, Tuesday May 24 Australia is once again talking nuclear waste, both on a national and international level - and targeting South Australia. This is an issue that concerns all Australians but particularly targets Australia's Aboriginal people. Come and spend an evening with us to learn about what is happening and what can be done! The forum will bring Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners Regina and Vivianne McKenzie, whose land in SA's Flinders Ranges is being targeted for a national nuclear waste dump to Melbourne to talk about their struggle and what we can do to help. Read more