Gippsland South By-election

With the resignation of Nationals MP Peter Ryan and subsequent by-election this saturday March 14, we are offered an opportunity to remind all parties that the threat of new coal and gas still mobilises the community in rural Victoria.

FoE has produced a scorecard on where the candidates and Parties stand on key issues.

Individual candidates were approached for their position. Party positions were used for the Parties. We had hoped the Nationals and Liberal Party would further strengthen their position on unconventional gas before the election by supporting a permanent ban on fracking.



what would strong action on climate and renewables look like in Victoria?


  • Establish a Victorian Renewable Energy Target (a VRET) to drive investment in wind and solar
  • Provide direct support to community owned renewable energy projects
  • Re-write the Coalition’s anti-wind laws (VC82) and re-start renewable energy projects in our state
  • Re-insert meaningful, time bound emission reduction targets into the Victorian Climate Change Act
  • Rule out any development of an onshore unconventional gas industry in our state
  • Formally rule out any plans to further develop brown coal resources for export or domestic use, including investing public funds in coal based technology
  • Starting the orderly phase-out of our oldest and dirtiest power stations starting with Hazelwood, Yallourn and Anglesea
  • Delivering a program to improve the energy efficiency of Victoria's existing and new building stock including mass retrofit programs and an expanded Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.