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Westgate Tollroad environmental disaster approved



Environment group Friends of the Earth and community groups across Melbourne's west have expressed outrage this morning in response to the news the Andrews government have signed contracts enabling construction of the Westgate Tunnel Project in early 2018.

"Building the Westgate Tunnel Toll Road is wholly inconsistent with the Andrews government's commitment to action on climate change. The transport emissions from megaroads will blow out any reductions targets. " said Friends of the Earth's Sustainable Cities coordinator Rachel Lynskey.

Melbourne continues investment in roads, at the expense of public transport and a world-class rail network. The community are asking that the government invest in freight on rail to reduce pollution from trucks travelling to the Port of Melbourne.

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Vicforests tries to get green tick for logging endangered forests

VicForests is pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for the third time in decade. The internationally recognised certification label regards itself as having strict environmental standards, which specify that logging cannot threaten endangered species, old growth forest and rainforest.

Previous audits of VicForests found a number non conformances to the FSC standards. Today our affiliates GECO joined the auditors in the forest to demonstrate VicForests non conformance to the standard and the impacts of logging on threatened wildlife and old growth forest in East Gippsland.

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From Rural Victoria to Darwin: Fighting for a Frack-Free Australia


While Jemena carries on with the NT Pipeline construction and the State Government's Inquiry into Unconventional Gas is still underway, communities in the NT are standing up louder than ever against fracking.  

As Victorians who continue to feel the relief from our win, we know we haven’t fully won until we have a frack free Australia. In a gesture of support and solidarity, four farmers just traveled over 3000 kms from Victoria to Darwin to rally and stand with communities that are next in line in fighting for land rights, clean water and a safe climate.

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Climate change madness in Victoria: Get prepared and stay safe!


Have climate impacts ever been as obvious as they have been over the last few weeks?

This November, Victoria has seen record-late frosts, ocean temperature anomalies, as well as a record-breaking heatwave that delivered 15 days over 30°C.

The state now faces an unprecedented storm that is expected to dump a summers-worth of rain in a matter of days leaving the Bureau of Meteorology saying we're in "uncharted territory."

"Half the inhabitants of Melbourne have probably never seen something like this," Scott Williams, senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology told The Age. "This is a vast intense, high impact event for this state."

This is what climate change looks like.

No one can say any particular weather event is caused by climate change. And, of course, Victoria experiences weather patterns that can be extreme because of natural climate variability. But this extreme weather is consistent with what is forecast under climate change modelling.

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Westgate Tunnel approval takes Melbourne on a wrong turn

WGT_approval_FINAL.jpgThe planning minister Richard Wynne has today approved the $5.5 B West Gate Tunnel project.

Approval of Transurban’s $5.5 billion Westgate Tunnel toll road project locks Melbourne into decades more congestion, tolls and pollution. Local residents in inner west Melbourne will not see relief from traffic and trucks under Transurban’s Westgate Tunnel toll road.

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November 2017 Update

What a year it has been! 2018 is shaping up as a HUGE year with the Victorian State Election due. Can you help us get get ready for the election and help us show that #VicLovesForests with a donation today?

Northcote Loves Forests! 
northcote.jpgNorthcote residents overwhelming voted for forest protection by electing Greens candidate Lidia Thorpe. Lidia is the first Aboriginal woman in Victorian parliament and long time advocate for native forest protection.

We congratulate Lidia and look forward to working with her, and we call on Premier Andrews and cabinet Ministers to make declaration of the Great Forest National Park a priority in the coming months. 

Polling commissioned by FoE and other groups revealing that more than 81% of Northcote voters support the creation of the GFNP and for more than 1 in 5 voters the protection of forests is their most important issue, as reported in The Guardian.

You can take action and email the Premier and Cabinet calling for the creation of the Great Forest National Park, the protection of East Gippsland's Emerald Link and fair and just transition for workers. Take action now.

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Victoria: A state that works for people, climate, environment, and economy

In 12 months time Victorians will head to the polls. With community concern about climate change on the rise, it's an issue that all political parties must must address in detail.

Our state is undergoing profound change as the population grows, entire industries go to the wall, and climate change starts to really impact on our landscapes, economy and lifestyles. Yet Melbourne continues to sprawl, as low density development covers valuable farmland and remnant vegetation, supported by transport infrastructure that will perpetuate our current reliance on cars.

An election provides all parties with the opportunity to demonstrate leadership on the interconnected issues of climate, energy, social justice, and the economy.


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Northcote loves native forests

Northcote_loves_native_forests(1).jpgThe Northcote by-election is a great opportunity for all candidates to show their support for protecting native forests and wildlife. 

Do you live in Northcote and will be voting in the by-election?


Contact your candidates to tell them you want Victoria's native forests protected from logging.

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Calls for Great Forest National Park refreshed as poll shows forest protection a vote decider

More than 30 environment, recreation and scientific groups have renewed their call for the creation of the Great Forest National Park, as Labor’s favoured issues of renters rights and cost of housing prove less popular with voters in the upcoming Northcote by-election.

Read coverage in The Guardian here.

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